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 RFNoHS.exe :]

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PostSubject: RFNoHS.exe :]   RFNoHS.exe :] Icon_minitimeWed Jan 05, 2011 7:51 pm

OLD UPDATED: RFNoHS.rar[/size]

Some of you people are lazy and asking how to run rumble fighter having hackshield off. I'm going to release a rumble fighter client. This is my update from Luig's tutorial on how to remove hackshield with olly. I take no credit (I do take credit on the update) on stealing his hack on how to remove the hackshield with olly, but i do take credit on updating it!

You will need 2 files to download! Here are virus scans on these 2 files.
Virus Total! <- Client

Virus Total! <- other file

RFNoHS.exe<- I made the 2 files in a .rar so you will need to extract it!

How to do this now...

ok make sure you have the RFNoHS.rar downloaded and extracted! Then go to C:\Program Files\OGPlanet\RumbleFighter , Once you are there change the file that says RumbleLauncher.ini to RumbleLauncher1.ini . When you are done with that the 2 files you downloaded put them in there. You should have it like this.
RFNoHS.exe :] 2cdjoug

Once you have it like this, Next you are going to change the folder named HackShield to crapshield or how ever you want it.

RFNoHS.exe :] 2ir24x3

Now.. Click on Game Start and you'll be running RF w/o hackshield x]

RFNoHS.exe :] S124qu

Now, You will be able to use cheat engine on it for about 5 minutes or something because Ogplanet put a time checker on the clients and it dc's ALL edited clients like this one. All tho i do have that bypass but i won't release it right now.

What can you do with this..
You can speed up the game to check if their is going to be new items on the next update.
Scan for equip slots.
Change channels from beginner to pro.
many other things but i'm tired and it's 11:20PM atm ;~;..(And yes i twisted my leg and i have a huge bump on the side T.T DONT LAUGH D; )

enjoy this update!
Credits to TechnoRocka!
or just donate some points xP

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RFNoHS.exe :]
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